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”You have to call the doctor: I think your mum is having a stroke.”

A little bit more than a week has passed since the morning I received that phone call from my dad: ”You have to call a doctor, I think your mum is having a stroke.” I am aware of the fact … Läs mer

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So much more than a dysfunctional man!

At this point in my life, I can honestly state: it´s taboo being a woman. I never thought I´d ever say such a thing. All my life I´ve been working really hard to becoming a strong and independant woman who … Läs mer

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Guestblog: Rebecka on re-creating herself

Originally posted on Cleanse4expansion:
Twelve years ago, I changed a safe and predictable life in Sweden for the unknown and moved to the southern parts of Mexico. One of the best things with moving across the Atlantic was the…

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Just leave my son out of it

Det här inlägget skrev jag på engelska i början på 2014 efter att för tredje gången ha varit med om den obehagliga upplevelsen att se min son hamna i kläm för att föräldrar i en av de skolor jag startat blivit … Läs mer

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Dropping the pretzel method for good

The other day I felt a bit flat. It was simply one of those days. I felt lonely and suddenly started to obsess slightly about never again being spotted by a man. It sounds a bit ridiculous, I know, and … Läs mer

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